Your home is perfect, exactly as it’s been it for years… and one day you realize that time marched on while your style stayed behind. Or perhaps you’re a bachelor, and decide it’s time to give your home a look that better reflects your maturing taste.

Your furnishings are high quality and attractive and you can’t endure the thought of selling them at a significant loss to then replace them with new furniture purchased at full price. Odds are you have the pieces and parts you need… but you can no longer envision them in an entirely new arrangement. Furniture, lamps, tables, artwork, collectibles, plants—they’re all there, but seem “stuck” where they are.

That’s where Redesign comes in. Since we haven’t grown used to “the way things are,” we see the creative solutions your existing items offer. In a matter of hours, we can take what you have… redesign the elements… and provide you with a look that feels fresh and inviting.

  • The Freshen Up-Have guests coming and need a room updated? We will come for 2 hours for $250 and get you ready for anything.
  • The Fixer-You need this option when you have several rooms to update. We will come for 4 hours for $475.
  • The Overhaul-This package is for the person who wants to come home to a brand new home.We will come for 8 hours for $950.

• • •

Call us to customize a package for you!