When choosing a Designer, there’s no more appropriate question than, “Why should I choose you?”

Vicky Gordon offers three reasons:

An Odd Family Hobby: As a child, Vicky spent a part of most weekends piled into the car with her sisters and parents. Their destination? Open Houses.

Yes, it’s true. They explored the homes, and—if empty—debated the best use of the space and the placement of furniture. If the home was furnished, the discussion centered on “grading” the current design, and challenging each other to offer fresh ideas.

Eccentric? A bit. But Vicky’s life-long passion for design can never be doubted.

Around the World in 20-Years: After graduating from Auburn University, Vicky embarked on a world tour with her husband, a Marine Officer. They moved 14 times in 20 years, and all the while Vicky learned and absorbed design concepts from a wide array of cultures.

It also became critical to master the art of using space—as their homes ranged from very small to very large. Creating each environment with much of the same furniture, Vicky sometimes had too little space, sometimes too much. She had to make it work. Add in all the military clients Vicky assisted with their design challenges… and you have a professional who’s seen it all.

Vicky has been in The Woodlands since 2006 and has had her own company since 2010. She has also been a part time designer at Pottery Barn for 5 years where she has done hundreds of consultations. She has several seasoned designers that assist her on bigger jobs.

Testimonials: A member of IRIS, RESA, and the Interior ReDesign Guild, Vicky has a vast lineup of clients happy to speak on her behalf. Simply ask for references, and she will provide them.